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Three Steps To Accelerating The Progress Of Finance Digital Transformation

11-Apr-2019 | Nilly Essaides | Financial Transformation

Finance is placing the greatest emphasis on technology to build a strong foundation for process efficiency: cloud applications, RPA, and master data management.

finance, digital transformation, framework, change management

Fostering Digitalization: The Journey Of Digital Metamorphosis

4-Apr-2019 | Juliana Oelfke | Financial Transformation

Four-step approach guides finance leaders on the pathway to a successful digital transformation.

finance, financial close, accounting FP&A, CFO, continuous accounting, continuous improvement

Technology Makes Everything Better, Right? (Right??)

27-Mar-2019 | Molly Boyle | Financial Transformation

Finance transformation replaces your spreadsheet-driven, record-to-report close with a solution that increases visibility, efficiency, and scalability.

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