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Collaborative Enterprise Planning: Connecting Strategy With Operational Plans

17-Oct-2018 | Michael Coveney | Financial Reporting

Operational plans are either “business as usual” or a “strategic initiative.” To run these efforts across various areas, it's critical to keep them separate.

How To Enable Zero-Based Budgeting (The Collaboration Piece) (Part 1)

16-Oct-2018 | Brian Kalish | Financial Reporting

Access to actuals in real time and the ability to manipulate the data in a user-friendly environment are key to the speed of adoption of zero-based budgeting.

Your Journey To A Stronger Systems Landscape

8-Oct-2018 | Molly Boyle | Financial Reporting

The right technology platform eliminates the risk associated with validation as you already know that the data in your new ERP system is complete and correct.

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