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Finance team uses financial planning information pulled from the cloud

Overcoming Traditional Forecasting Challenges With Cloud-Based Planning

15-Jul-2019 | JS Irick | Financial Planning

Cloud planning applications provide a number of huge improvements over traditional spreadsheets for planning and more closely align with how organizations plan.

Finance team discusses quote to cash process

Quote To Cash Is Better Than Cash Conversion. Here’s Why.

11-Jul-2019 | Bryan Lapidus | Financial Planning

QTC is a relatively new metric that is gaining traction due to changes in the economy.

business partners meet to discuss finance and FP&A plans

Everyone Can Adopt A Business Partnering Mindset

6-Jun-2019 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | Financial Planning

Examine the key attributes of a business partner mindset that enable FP&A professionals to establish strong working relationships with business stakeholders.

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