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Connect The Dots Between Experience And Procurement: Q&A With AI Authority Oliver Christie

9-Jul-2019 | Ursula Ringham | Financial Leadership

Customer experience and procurement don’t often go together. Connect the dots between the two with our Q&A with AI authority, Oliver Christie.

accounting professionl works on strategic tasks

The Risk Of Manually Reconciling Transactional Details

8-Jul-2019 | Molly Boyle | Financial Leadership

When accounting and finance teams rely on manual processes, they struggle to focus on higher-risk areas and analyze trends – especially at peak times.

finance leadership meets to review financial data analytics on cash-flow performance

Three Keys To Data-Driven Finance

26-Jun-2019 | Michel Haesendonckx | Financial Leadership

Better finance analytics adds value by delivering business insight and accurately predicting what lies ahead. Here are three keys for moving forward today.

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