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Chief procurement officer using her laptop and texting with cell phone in a conference room

2020 Strategic Sourcing: Value-Driven Source-To-Contract Transformation

17-Mar-2020 | Annie Vaseekaran | Financial Analytics

Value-driven source-to-contract transformation enables CPOs to respond quickly to the changing needs of the business as a whole.

Colleagues at desk with smartphones, laptop, and a plan

What Do Rock, Paper, Scissors Have To Do With A Successful Technology Solution?

18-Dec-2019 | David Den Boer | Financial Analytics

As in the old decision-making game, the formula for solving business problems always involves three components – people, process, and tools.

financial leaders reviews business performance dat on his laptop

Becoming A Digital Enterprise: The Role Of The CFO

17-Dec-2019 | Christian Brandl | Financial Analytics

Digital transformation vests unique power in CFOs' hands and marks a new era for their role in the enterprise.

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