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The Three Stages Of Digital Maturity: Q&A With PwC’s Jason Pett

21-May-2019 | Olivia Berkman | Finance Technology

Jason Pett, risk assurance leader, PwC US, discusses how organizations can make smarter risk decisions as they move through digital transformation.

The Illusion Of Agility: Are You Really In Control Of Your Technology Stack?

16-Apr-2019 | Melissa Burns | Finance Technology

Take control of your tech stack by justifying every addition and having systems in place to ensure that none of these technologies are becoming irrelevant.

CFOs And The Intelligent Enterprise: Custodians For A Single Source Of Truth

8-Apr-2019 | Richard McLean | Finance Technology

Financial leaders and their teams have a responsibility to assuage employees’ fears about change. Here are three ways to do that.

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