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Finance Teams Must Adapt To Working With Machines

13-Aug-2018 | Laurent Arveiller | Finance Talent

The future of your finance team will be less about whether intelligent machines can do their job better but how well they can adapt to working with machines.

diversity, women in business, inclusion, mentoring, HR, purpose

Managing A Diverse Workforce For Value Creation In A Purpose-Driven Economy

13-Aug-2018 | Gina McNamara | Finance Talent

When diversity is considered a business asset, not a hindrance, leaders can use its rich perspectives to champion innovation and drive organizational growth.

Moving Rwanda, purpose, sustainability, UN Global Goals

How A Purpose-Driven Finance Team Is Doing Good – From Germany To Rwanda

25-Jul-2018 | Carl-Christian von Weyhe | Finance Talent

Moving Rwanda project, a public-private partnership, aims to equip Rwandans with knowledge and tools to lift the country out of extreme poverty.

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