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Business team workers in a conversation about updating the operating model with integrative intelligence

Your New Operating Model: Drivers And Trends Of Integrative Intelligence

24-Sep-2019 | Bryan Lapidus | Finance Talent

Here are three ways integrative intelligence changes how you deliver finance services.

View of outside through a window of a flying airplane

What’s On The Horizon For Tax Professionals?

26-Aug-2019 | Dillon Papenfuss | Finance Talent

Lisa Fitzpatrick, Bloomberg Tax president, reveals what financial executives and their tax teams need to know to navigate technological and regulatory changes.

Manager uses swarm intelligence to assign team roles

The Platform And The Swarm: Strategy For Continuous Finance Innovation

7-Aug-2019 | Joel Bernstein | Finance Talent

Here's how SAP's finance group adopted a "platform and swarm" approach to drive digital innovation, boost transformation, and improve the customer experience.

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