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Manager uses swarm intelligence to assign team roles

The Platform And The Swarm: Strategy For Continuous Finance Innovation

7-Aug-2019 | Joel Bernstein | Finance Strategy

Here's how SAP's finance group adopted a "platform and swarm" approach to drive digital innovation, boost transformation, and improve the customer experience.

Three business people discuss graphs on screen in meeting room

Three Characteristics Of Intelligent Finance

27-Jun-2019 | Olivia Berkman | Finance Strategy

Jim Enzo, former CFO and current managing director at Accenture, discusses data, disruption, and talent challenges CFOs face on the transformation journey.

business partners meet to discuss finance and FP&A plans

Everyone Can Adopt A Business Partnering Mindset

6-Jun-2019 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | Finance Strategy

Examine the key attributes of a business partner mindset that enable FP&A professionals to establish strong working relationships with business stakeholders.

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