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Steady Leadership Through Transformational Change At ZALORA

28-Aug-2017 | Ruben Stappers | Finance Shared Service Center

Finance has a seat at the table of Southeast Asia e-commerce company's board of directors because it's helping to add value to the business.

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Quo Vadis Finance? How Digitization Is Affecting The CFO’s Agenda

15-Nov-2016 | Martin Schulte | Finance Shared Service Center

CFOs now act as copilots and strategists to their peers, helping to create a new future based on strong leadership and winning business models.

#SAPRadio: Streamlining Finance Operations With Shared Services

4-May-2016 | Estelle Lagorce | Finance Shared Service Center

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a silver bullet to help solve these challenges? Something that could streamline finance operations with shared services?

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