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A CFO and CEO discuss business performance with data pulled on a mobile device

So You Think You Can Be A CEO

11-Sep-2019 | Olivia Berkman | FEI Daily

Ready to make the leap from CFO to CEO? The right mix of humility and confidence will be critical, says Dale Rose, founder of consultancy 3D Group.

View of outside through a window of a flying airplane

What’s On The Horizon For Tax Professionals?

26-Aug-2019 | Dillon Papenfuss | FEI Daily

Lisa Fitzpatrick, Bloomberg Tax president, reveals what financial executives and their tax teams need to know to navigate technological and regulatory changes.

Businesswomen talking outside conference room meeting

Helming Your Organization’s Digital Transformation

25-Jul-2019 | Dillon Papenfuss | FEI Daily

Financial executives can lead by spearheading efforts to benchmark the organization against their peers and formulating transformational end goals and roadmaps.

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