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Blind man walks on the street with the assistance of his friend

Promoting Inclusivity And Driving Real Business With Adaptive Fashion

11-Sep-2019 | Matt Laukaitis | Fashion

With one in seven people worldwide who have a physical and/or cognitive disability, the world of adaptive fashion is set to go mainstream.

Fashion designer creates a model of a sustainable garment

Recyclable Fashion Renews Legacy Brand As A Big Favorite For Industry Insiders

19-Aug-2019 | Robin Barrett Wilson | Fashion

Developing a supply chain with high sustainability goals presents a new set of challenges, but Eleanor Turner is ready to tackle them.

sustainability, corporate social responsibility, supply chain, recycling, fashion industry

How To Create Sustainable Fashion From Recycled Clothing

1-Jul-2019 | Carina Legl | Fashion

H&M, Patagonia, and Zara are leading the way in encouraging customers to give their unwanted clothing a second life to keep it out of the landfills.

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