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A Real-World Example Of The Power Of AI In Agriculture

6-Mar-2018 | James Veale | Farming

From sustainable fishing to tracking individual cattle, artificial intelligence is producing rich data that allows employees and managers to make the best business decisions to maximize agricultural efficiency.

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If You Can Simplify The Weather, You Can Simplify A Global Business

6-Feb-2018 | Emma Reeve | Farming

Countless businesses across industries, from farming to retail and beyond, are profoundly affected by the weather. In-memory computing and live data enable Meteo Protect to insure virtually any business against virtually any combination of weather events.

(Re)Programming Life

12-Sep-2016 | Kai Goerlich | Farming

Digital biology and gene editing open the door to numerous improvements to our health and environment, but they raise at least as many questions and concerns.

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