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Young woman in beautiful green dress using mobile phone walking on the old city street in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Driving Sustainability In The Fashion Industry

20-Feb-2020 | Frank Omare | Extended Supply Chain

The fashion industry is working to reduce its environmental footprint and foster increased sustainability within the supply chain.

Steel coil cut machine

The Advantages Of Digital Supply Chains: A Podcast With Johannes Drooghaag

13-Feb-2020 | Tom Raftery | Extended Supply Chain

On episode 17 of the Digital Supply Chain podcast, Johannes Drooghaag talks about manufacturing, Industry 4.0, cybersecurity, and other topics.

manager working on her tablet to check IIoT performance in a factory

How Industry 4.0 And Digitization Are Driving Innovation And Customer Satisfaction At GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group

4-Feb-2020 | Richard Howells | Extended Supply Chain

GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group's market leadership is built on 67 years of experience and a dedication to deploying innovative technologies.

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