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Hebei Province, China --- Birds flying above foggy mountains

Murmuration: What Starlings And Supply Chains Have In Common (Part 1)

16-Oct-2019 | Falko Feldchen | Extended Supply Chain

The supply chain can learn a lot from flocks of birds communicating and collaborating for the good of the whole.

Red Capsules in Blister Pack

Business Planning: The Prescription For Quality Assurance And Business Success In Life Sciences

14-Oct-2019 | David Vallejo | Extended Supply Chain

Integrated business planning leads to a single source of truth for the data that matters most.

Scientist experiment with gene therapy innovations

Putting The CAR-T Before The Supply Chain Horse

9-Oct-2019 | Sudy Bharadwaj | Extended Supply Chain

Producing cell and gene therapies requires a ramp-up in product development, market acceptance, and the capacity and capabilities of entire supply chains.

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