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airline ground employee direct a plane into a gate

Accelerating Business Outcomes In The Experience Economy

18-Jul-2019 | Bharti Maan | Experience Economy

Capturing experience data and integrating operational data pinpoints inefficiencies in the airplane refueling process that cost, time, money, and satisfaction.

Entertainment district of a bustling city

It’s All In The Details: Some Thoughts For Executives In The Entertainment Industry

17-Jul-2019 | Brenda Boudreaux | Experience Economy

Experiences don’t just happen; they’re created, and no industry requires zealous experience management more than the entertainment industry.

Fun experience on an amusement park ride

The Experience Business: Some Thoughts For Executives In The Entertainment Industry

10-Jul-2019 | Brenda Boudreaux | Experience Economy

Entertainment venues aren't selling tickets, or seats, or concessions. They’re creating experiences, and that experience begins long before customers enter.

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