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ESG In The Boardroom: A Q&A With PwC’s Paula Loop

11-Mar-2019 | Olivia Berkman | Executive Leadership

Paula Loop, leade of, Governance Insights Center at PwC, discusses the risks; common misconceptions; and three stages of environmental, social, and governance.

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Transforming Leadership Education Through Exchange Programs

13-Feb-2019 | Richard Cai | Executive Leadership

Temporarily trading jobs with another manager is an innovative way to develop new skills and uncover novel solutions to longstanding challenges.

New Era Of Executive Meetings? How Intelligent Technologies Change Your Decision-Making Patterns

19-Dec-2018 | Almut-Christiane Riemer | Executive Leadership

Innovative technologies hold great opportunity, but knowing how to handle change-related processes and the people working with them is the real key to success.

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