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Top 5 CIO blogs in December 2019

Top Five CIO Blogs Of December 2019

9-Jan-2020 | Jean Loh | ERP Strategy

Find out what was on IT leaders' minds at the end of 2019.

Two colleagues discuss insights from an analytics report on a digital tablet

Why SMBs Should Upgrade Their ERP To Transform Their Business

9-Dec-2019 | Isaac Sacolick | ERP Strategy

The signs of an outgrown ERP system or one that needs an upgrade are highly visible. Do you know what they are?

doctor reviews an x-ray series of his patient

What Would An X-Ray Reveal About Your ERP System?

3-Dec-2019 | Amr El Meleegy | ERP Strategy

X-ray-like solution identifies pain points, bottlenecks, and highly manual processes that would benefit from changes or optimization to the ERP system.

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