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Self-Rating Gives SMEs A Complete Financial Picture For The First Time

9-Jul-2018 | Scott Campbell | ERP

Self-Rating uses proprietary algorithms, in-memory databases, and predictive analytics to help small and midsize enterprises compare their businesses to peers and even pick up on warning signs and hidden problems.

ERP, cloud, SMB, small and midsize business, growth strategies

Win More, Stay Ahead: ERP In The Cloud Turbocharges Growing Companies

3-Jul-2018 | Luis Murguia | ERP

Combining the cloud with ERP takes small and midsize business performance and the customer experience to the next level – before the rest of the competition does.

Health Goes Beyond The Patient: The Well-Being Of Life Science Organizations

26-Jun-2018 | Cara McDonald | ERP

As the life science industry continues to grow and change, companies that take time to examine their own health will stay ahead of the competition.

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