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Five Astonishing Advantages Of Running A Two-Tier ERP System

8-May-2019 | Lucy Thorpe | ERP

Here's how a two-tier ERP solution provides two to three times more value for the same budget – giving customers exactly what they need while cutting costs.

customer experience, XO

How Companies Overcome The Three Key Challenges And The Power Of XO

2-May-2019 | Sven Denecken | ERP

Companies must transform into well-oiled, agile execution machines, where each action and resource is optimized towards customer value delivery and strategy.

intelligent ERP, Old World Industries, auto parts and service, Deloitte, finance

Old World Industries Keeps Customers’ Vehicles Running Smoothly With Intelligent ERP

30-Apr-2019 | Donna Markey | ERP

Next-generation ERP foundation helps 45-year-old company eliminate inefficiencies, meet demands of rapid expansion, and predictively determine customers’ needs.

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