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DevOps team discusses a project in the hallway of their workplace

A Practical Guide To DevOps For ERP

27-May-2020 | James Roberts | Enterprise Resource Planning

As DevOps proves its value to in other areas of business, more companies are wondering why they haven’t extended this approach to their ERP systems.

solar power station green electricity panel view

Challenges And Opportunities For Power And Utility Companies

21-May-2020 | Robert Lindenmeir | Enterprise Resource Planning

As the world becomes more dynamic, complex, and data-driven, the energy industry must react to the changes by digitizing many processes.

A woman works in her home office

Personalization Is No Longer An Option But A Necessity For The Chemicals Industry

20-May-2020 | Pedro Ahlers | Enterprise Resource Planning

Today's B2B buyer is nothing like yesterday's, so why are your processes still stuck in the past?

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