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Itron Strives To Save Every Drop Of Water

2-Jul-2018 | Scott Campbell | Energy Consumption

Itron is using in-memory database technology to help utilities prevent waste of the most precious natural resource on Earth.

How Is Digital Economy Growth Driving Utility Demand?

15-May-2018 | James McClelland | Energy Consumption

Deregulation, carbon sequestration, and decentralized production are changing how power is produced. Here's how a stronger global focus on sustainability is changing the utility industry even as demand increases.

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Reducing Energy Consumption In The Mining Industry With The IoT

15-Mar-2018 | Jennifer Scholze | Energy Consumption

Spiraling energy costs can lead mining companies to spend more than they will recoup when selling raw materials. The IoT can help uncover energy inefficiencies and ways to cut costs and consumption.

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