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Building Data Products To Realize Data-Driven Business Models

7-Nov-2016 | Carsten Bange | Enabling The Data-Driven Enterprise

Data products enable businesses to use and monetize data, but require organizations to become truly digital – in their products and their business models.

predictive analytics

Integrating Data Labs And Factories To Operationalize Advanced Analytics

26-Oct-2016 | Carsten Bange | Enabling The Data-Driven Enterprise

Data labs and factories focus on different tasks in the analytical cycle, but both share a common goal – to turn insights from data into products and services.

Big Data And Digitalization Use Cases: How To Identify And Prioritize

11-Oct-2016 | Carsten Bange | Enabling The Data-Driven Enterprise

To identify, structure, and prioritize the most promising big data and digitalization use cases, combine two common approaches: conceptual and data-driven.

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