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finance executive presents data to finance team in a meeting room

The New Chief Financial Officer Thinks Like A Chief Data Officer

13-Jan-2020 | Hendrik Vordenbaeumen | Employee Spend

As finance managers look to become CFOs and current CFOs look to be change agents in their organization, here are four ways to set themselves up for success.

Man uses mobile spen management app while having coffee at a coffee shop

Attain Desired Business Outcomes With Intelligent Spend Management

6-Nov-2019 | Serge Kogan | Employee Spend

Best practices associated with intelligent spend management help organizations improve business outcomes across multiple departments and roles.

Employee reviews a expense management report on his mobile device

How To Maximize Visibility Of Low-Level And Travel Spend

19-Jun-2019 | Serge Kogan | Employee Spend

When you focus on employee-initiated spend and use digital technologies to track them across all spend channels, you have a complete map of committed spend.

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