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Surgeon walking down a corridor

Weathering A Pandemic And Preparing For The Next Outbreak: Getting UK Hospitals Ready

31-Mar-2020 | Komal Mathur | Employee Productivity

Hospitals and healthcare providers must take action now to manage the current situation and be prepared for the next, inevitable outbreak.

Plant employees collaborate to fix a problem on the production floor

Plant Tours In The 21st Century: How Human Resources Leaders Can Stay Connected

20-Jun-2019 | Gary Nelson | Employee Productivity

Human resources are unlike any other manufacturing resources. In today’s fast-moving industry, being virtually connected with employees is essential.

IRPA, RPA, robotic process automation, intelligent robotic process automation, automation

Exponential Productivity: Why IRPA Is Here To Stay

22-May-2019 | Savannah Voll | Employee Productivity

Intelligent robotic process automation enables businesses to do more with less and has the potential to exponentially increase overall productivity, say experts.

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