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Conversational AI: Is It A Conversation?

9-Mar-2020 | Tom Bennett | Emerging Technology

Conversational AI is an intriguing technology that is constantly evolving to gain benefits in automation and efficiency. But many uncertainties prevail.

Miles of fence in Shanghai China with the sun shining in the background

SASE: The Next Frontier In Cybersecurity

10-Feb-2020 | Simon Davies | Emerging Technology

Described by Gartner as "transformational," SASE is a new model that delivers security and network connectivity through a single cloud security platform.

IT team sitting in boardroom and discussing expected outcomes of artificial intelligence

Want Responsible AI? Think Business Outcomes

7-Aug-2019 | Mala Anand | Emerging Technology

As technology threatens to exceed society’s checks and balances, business leaders must ask themselves about the potential impact of their own applications.

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