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Edge Computing And The New Decentralization: The Rhyming Of IT History

27-Sep-2017 | Chuck Pharris | Edge Computing Series

The cloud can be seen as a return to the centralized model where computing is moved away from end users into a centrally managed location. But there's a twist.

The IoT Data Explosion, IPv6, And The Need To Process At The Edge

20-Sep-2017 | Chuck Pharris | Edge Computing Series

The IoT is growing—and along with it, volumes of data that cannot be managed entirely via the cloud. Edge processing is a solution to this problem.

A Defining Moment: The Internet Of Things And Edge Computing

13-Sep-2017 | Chuck Pharris | Edge Computing Series

Part 1 of our 3-part series on edge computing defines what it is, and why it makes sense to utilize in today's increasingly complex connected environment.

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