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chemical industry, circular economy, sustainability

Circular Economy: How To Kill The Big Elephant In The Room

3-Jun-2019 | Stefan Guertzgen | EAM

The circular economy is gaining traction across the globe as leading companies and governments work to reduce waste and maximize resource use.

Surface Grinding Machine Operation in factory

Welcome To The Future of Manufacturing – Brought To You By Intelligent Asset Management

6-Mar-2019 | Richard Howells | EAM

As the responsibility for asset management and maintenance shifts to the manufacturer, there are now far more chances for collaboration with the customer.

energy and gas, sustainability, climate change

Managing Power Assets In Uncertain Times

6-Nov-2018 | Adam Lyons | EAM

The move towards a low-carbon future is certainly the biggest driver of change in the UK’s energy industry, but it's not the only one.

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