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2020 Procurement: What’s Your Source-To-Contract Strategy?

28-Nov-2018 | Annie Vaseekaran | E-Sourcing

Integrated sourcing offers greater visibility and control now with the potential to stimulate growth and agility later.

procurement, auction, revenue, top-line, growth, sourcing

Can Procurement Support The Enterprise To Increase The Top Line?

18-Jul-2018 | KayRee Lee | E-Sourcing

Procurement platforms are supporting enterprises' forward auctions, where buyers bid for items by offering increasingly higher prices to the seller.

procurement, digital transformation

Procurement Striding Purposefully In The Digital Journey

27-Jun-2018 | Deepankar Sharma | E-Sourcing

Beyond the gatekeeping function of cost savings and compliance, procurement is showcasing its value by becoming a collaborative function across the value chain, integrating knowledge and expertise from suppliers, contract manufacturers, and trading partners.

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