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Day in the life of a warehouse operation as part of a larger supply chain

What Is A Great Customer Experience?

22-Jan-2020 | Richard Howells | E-Commerce

Great customer experience includes the complete customer engagement lifecycle – from design to delivery all the way through to how it performs when they use it.

Engineer analyzing data on her mobile device in a lab

The 20-Year-Old Web Shop: Standard Solution, Please

4-Dec-2019 | Pedro Ahlers | E-Commerce

Chemical companies still maintaining decades-old webshops must rethink their B2b e-commerce with today's customer in mind.

Close up of couple shopping online on digital tablet

Alexa, Set A Reminder: Amazon Prime Day Is July 15-16

8-Jul-2019 | Richard Howells | E-Commerce

Here are a few of the supply chain challenges expected for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day.

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