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Want Disruptive Change? There’s An Algorithm For That (Or Soon Will Be)

14-Dec-2017 | Jessica Schubert | disruptive technology

It's true that today's world seems unpredictable, but in reality algorithms are guiding every step along the evolutionary trail to digital transformation.

Revolutionizing (Not Disrupting) The Status Quo Of Roadway Logistics

12-Dec-2017 | Alexander Lutze | disruptive technology

Breakthrough innovation can shift existing paradigms, spur growth, and create networks that help people work together to address more significant opportunities.

innovation, digital transformation, disruption, strategy, design thinking

Application Development: Transforming Innovation Expectation Into Real Business Value

11-Dec-2017 | Klaus Weber | disruptive technology

Look beyond the boundaries of existing technology and uncover hidden insights and opportunities through collaborative discovery and ideation.

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