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Disclosure Effectiveness Weakened By Complicated Ownership

19-Feb-2018 | Olivia Berkman | Disclosure Management

Complex, overly verbose financial disclosures may appease legal and finance teams, but they are often ineffective tools for investors. Instead, disclosures should be continuously updated, unique to the business, concise, and written in plain English.

The Power Of Three: Quick Wins To Move To Continuous Accounting

7-Feb-2018 | Elizabeth Milne | Disclosure Management

In any comprehensive finance transformation initiative, it’s important to start with some “quick wins” to show early success. Here are three examples.

When Sustainability Is Really Included In The Business, Finance Shines

29-Jan-2018 | Neil Krefsky | Disclosure Management

As the model of fiscal mindfulness and expertise, CFOs have a unique opportunity to lead far-reaching sustainability efforts. Here's how they can get started.

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