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A New Digital Era With Services And Content Packages

18-Jun-2019 | Anubhav Bhatia | Digitalization

For manufacturers, an asset intelligence network is a great starting point toward digitalization. However, some upfront investment and effort is still required.

team uses predictive analytics to determine how to launch a new promotion

Using Data To Improve Your Digital Core: A Q&A With Expert Data Scientist Yves Mulkers

18-Jun-2019 | Ursula Ringham | Digitalization

Expert data architect Yves Mulkers shares his vision for improving your digital core and operational efficiency with data.

Industry Innovation Fuels Collaboration: Oil and Gas Giants Come Together to Make A Bold Move to Public Cloud

7-Jun-2019 | Frank Hughes | Digitalization

An oil and gas consortium is jointly developing market standards for an industry-specific public cloud ERP solution.

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