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digital media, media, blockchain, smart contracts, piracy, copyright, streaming media

Media Market Disruptor? The Evolving Benefits Of Blockchain

6-Dec-2018 | Michael Brenner | Digitalization

Blockchain and smart contracts can protect content creators against financial losses from piracy and copyright infringement.

How Midsize Consumer Goods Companies Can Turn Holiday Cheer Into Sustainable Growth

26-Nov-2018 | Don Gordon | Digitalization

Companies that interconnect customers, product inventory, supply chain operations, and promotional engagement are positioned to embrace deep learning.

machine learning, globalization, regulation, economic complexity

The Nuts And Bolts For Setting Up Shop Across The Globe: RegTech And Machine Learning

6-Nov-2018 | Manfred Esser | Digitalization

Machine learning can reduce the complexity of complying with local laws and regulations when expanding business into new markets.

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