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Raise My Head ... Raise It In The Digital World

27-Dec-2018 | Houthaifa Al Amiri | Digital Workforce

A basketball coach's direction offers life-long lessons for success.

Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing

Chatbots And Robotic Process Automation: A New Paradigm Of Human And Machine Interface

26-Dec-2018 | Ansari Nubeel | Digital Workforce

A unified approach of combining AI-powered chatbots with Robotic Process Automation can help organizations unlock value in key business areas.

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Digitalist Flash Briefing: Eye Candy: How Visual Interfaces Boost Productivity

9-Aug-2018 | Bonnie D. Graham | Digital Workforce

See how a German startup is unlocking the potential of eye tracking and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a whole new way of working.

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