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A group of professionals having a meeting at work to discuss transformation of the business

After A Decade Of Digital Disruption, What Can Leaders Expect In The 2020s?

19-Feb-2020 | Aneesha Shenoy | Digital Transformation

After a decade of digital disruption, the need to build on the intelligent enterprise is more pressing than ever.

Coworkers using a laptop together while working late at the office

The Secret Behind A Successful Journey Toward The Intelligent Enterprise

17-Feb-2020 | Michael Kleinemeier | Digital Transformation

We are in an era where the concept of digital transformation is being pushed unrelentingly to the point where limits no longer exist.

Hot air balloons fly above the cloud and the Great Wall of China

For SK Hynix, Cloud Is A Happiness Tool (Part 1)

5-Feb-2020 | AhnKu Toh | Digital Transformation

For semiconductor company SK Hynix, adopting cloud is as much about employee satisfaction as it is technology transformation.

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