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Why B2B Startups Are On The Rise In India

19-Mar-2019 | Dilipkumar Khandelwal | Digital Transformation

There is a shift towards B2B business models in India, and one growth area is AI. Here's why the growth of B2B startups in India will continue to accelerate.

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Accelerating Out Of The "Digital Deadlock" – Enter The Digital Platform

18-Mar-2019 | Philip Carter | Digital Transformation

Innovation and agility must become core capabilities of the future enterprise – with a new operating model and technology architecture to enable them.

A group of colleagues from a midsize business putting their hand one over another.

People Transformation: A Matter Of Trust For Growing Companies

14-Mar-2019 | Stephen Spears | Digital Transformation

Exercising empathy lets business leaders position their workforce for transformation that makes sense – and invest in technology that enables it.

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