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Oil Well Pump at Sunset

Unlocking Value In The Oil And Gas Industry

17-Sep-2019 | Kathryn Zwack | Digital Transformation

There is no time like the present for oil & gas enterprises to expand their digital capabilities. Executives need to prioritize initiatives to ensure success.

Man Using Cell Phone in Warehouse

Why Midsize Distributors Are Due For A Great Comeback

5-Sep-2019 | Magnus Meier | Digital Transformation

No matter the business model and offering, moving toward a service-oriented path is a significant opportunity for midsize distributors.

Man Working in Warehouse

Why Midsize Wholesale Distributors Are Rethinking The Employee Experience

29-Aug-2019 | Magnus Meier | Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is key to attracting and empowering a new generation of workers to move wholesale distribution businesses forward in new, strategic ways.

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