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Smart Automation: How Manufacturers Strike The Right Chord With Each Customer

31-May-2018 | Richard Howells | Digital Supply Chain of One Series

Emerging technologies can empower manufacturers to automate people, processes, and equipment, making it faster, easier, and more cost-efficient than ever to create the individualized, "lot size of one" products buyers desire.

How To Achieve Total Visibility Across The Digital Supply Chain

4-May-2018 | Richard Howells | Digital Supply Chain of One Series

Total visibility involves breaking down the four walls of your organization and sharing data with your entire ecosystem of partners, including suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics providers.

The Key To Customer Centricity: Creating A Touchless Supply Chain

3-May-2018 | Martin Barkman | Digital Supply Chain of One Series

Innovative technologies such as the IoT and machine learning enable companies to optimize planning and logistics through automation in order to focus on their ultimate goal: satisfying customers.

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