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Fans in Stadium Cheering

Delighting The Fans: Some Thoughts For Sports Industry Executives

11-Nov-2019 | Mark Lehew | Digital Sports

If sports teams don’t make it quick and simple for people to engage at any point in the process, they risk fans dropping out and moving on to something else.

Two friends enjoy a game in a stadium of fans

Leveraging Fan Insights To Grow Revenue: Some Thoughts for Sports Industry Executives

4-Nov-2019 | Mark Lehew | Digital Sports

Today, the pressure on sports franchises to grow revenue is immense, and fan data provides great opportunities to do so on a global level.

Friends watching sports on television

Identifying And Understanding The Fan Base: Some Thoughts For Sports Industry Executives

28-Oct-2019 | Mark Lehew | Digital Sports

Growing the fan base includes identifying and understanding the quiet supporters, those who never buy a game ticket.

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