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Young professional esports players playing games

Are Gamers The Ideal Talents Of The Future?

15-Oct-2019 | Marie Trojani | Digital Skills

Video gamers develop many of the skills critical for the future of work: collaboration, agility, perseverance, and a drive to excel.

Group of employees celebrate together joining hands in the air

Developing The Right Skills: A Hidden Game-Changer To Tackle Today’s Challenges And Build A Bright Future

5-Aug-2019 | Marita Mitschein | Digital Skills

We all have an important role to play in helping people develop the digital skills necessary to thrive and innovate.

PwC, auditing, audit, human-machine interaction, training, HR

People Are Key To A Tech-Enabled Audit

21-Feb-2019 | Olivia Berkman | Digital Skills

An overemphasis of technological innovation at the expense of people and process is a costly mistake.

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