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Are You Addressing Technology Hype With “Digital Optionality?”

10-Jul-2018 | James Lavely | Digital Risk Management

Here's how to assess your digital optionality roadmap and incorporate sources of information on emerging technologies that may be relevant to your business.

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Data Custodian Model: Protecting Your Data In The Public Cloud

29-May-2018 | Thomas Saueressig | Digital Risk Management

This model enables companies to gain the benefits of a globally connected public cloud, while still addressing compliance with their country or customers’ data sovereignty requirements.

The Sorry State Of GDPR Readiness – And How You Can Turn It Around

15-May-2018 | Paul Clark | Digital Risk Management

Will the GDPR be your 2018 privacy firestorm or game-changing strategy for data protection? Here are some of the fundamental questions and readiness efforts you should consider now to secure compliant security practices for every area of your business.

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