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Retail associate uses predictive analytics to determine inventory mix

Converting Retail Big Data Into Predictive Insights

21-May-2020 | Kurt Ramcharan | Digital Retail

Big data analysis can help retailers move forward more confidently with predictive insights delivered quickly and efficiently.

Man buys an item online with his child hugging him and holding a credit card

Experiential Retail: Unifying Online And Offline Worlds In The Retail Industry

22-Apr-2020 | Kurt Ramcharan | Digital Retail

Experiential retail, done right, will bring shoppers to your store or website, increase engagement, and build their loyalty.

Man works from home, checking his mobile device

How To Successfully Enable “Work From Home” In Retail And Consumer Businesses

25-Mar-2020 | Matt Laukaitis | Digital Retail

COVID-19 has moved many workplaces into employees' homes, even in retail. Here's how to make the best of the situation.

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