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Shot of a project team brainstorming ideas to solve a technical problem

Project Management Best Practices For Virtual Professional Services Teams

10-Sep-2019 | Michael Brenner | Digital Professional Services

If your company has a global presence, you'll need to bridge time zone, culture, and language differences – and other challenges – to create cohesive teams.

Finance leaders audit financial report

Accounting For U.S. Government Contracts And Grants: What You Need To Know

28-Aug-2019 | Larry Alton | Digital Professional Services

Make sure you're ready for a compliance audit on your Small Business Administration award with these useful tips.

Professional services team meets to discuss a new projects

Next Practices For Intelligent Enterprise Professional Services Companies

17-Jul-2019 | Catherine Lynch | Digital Professional Services

Here are three “next practices” – capabilities to help professional services companies utilize data and analytics on a much grander scale.

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