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CFO works with IT manager to consider benefits of digital transformation project

How To Be Sure Digital Transformation Makes Financial Sense

21-Jan-2020 | Neil Krefsky | Digital Platform

What do you need to make the right decisions, supported by concrete data, to ensure better business performance for your company's future?

People walk through a digital representation of a mountainscape

Overcoming The Buzzword Bias By Making Innovation A Reality

20-Nov-2019 | Twan van den Broek | Digital Platform

To overcome the buzzword stigma around digital innovation, SAP's experience center makes innovation tangible, practical, and real.

Glass ceiling in a church in Barcelona, Spain

Prioritize Core Over Edge: Top 5 Best Practices Of Best-in-Class Digitalists, Part 2

13-Nov-2019 | Alexander Greb | Digital Platform

What is “core,” what is “edge,” and should we prioritize one over the other?

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