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Executive reviews data from a report pulled from intelligent cloud ERP application

Votes Are In: Interim Survey Results On Intelligent ERP In The Cloud

3-Jul-2019 | Bert Schulze | Digital Platform

Preliminary findings from intelligent cloud ERP stakeholders.

Hiker in mid-air jump over mountain creek

How Software Vendors Can Jump-Start Integrating Analytics Into Their Applications

2-Jul-2019 | Chandana Gopal | Digital Platform

To optimize the chance of business success, enterprises are now looking for ways to generate insights from their huge quantity of data.

coworkers discuss data integrated in the cloud

Intelligent Integration: How To Energize The Next Phase Of Your Business Evolution

19-Jun-2019 | Michael Hill | Digital Platform

When intelligent integration strategies pull people, processes, data, and devices into one seamless network, you can innovate efficiently and synergistically.

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