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Co-Innovation Offers Modern-Day Survival Toolkit For Organizations

26-Mar-2019 | Vasanth Kumar | Digital Partnerships

The ability to innovate – rapidly and continually – is a core competency for business growth. However, a siloed and static approach is no longer an option.

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Data Is King, Software Is Queen, Partnerships Are "Gold"

19-Apr-2018 | Marina Simonians | Digital Partnerships

As software changes the world around us (much like the Internet did 20+ years ago), we need to invest in partnerships to expedite our digital transformation and win in this software revolution.

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SMEs And IT Vendors: More Than Just Friends

24-Nov-2017 | Paul Taylor | Digital Partnerships

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are looking for deeper relationships with IT vendors and say trust and mutual respect are more important than cost savings.

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