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CIO’s Guide To Intelligent Resilience In The Energy Industry

30-Oct-2018 | Kiran Srirama | Digital Oil And Gas

Here's how intelligent technologies can help energy providers respond to growing dependence and remain profitable while practicing environmental responsibility.

Intelligent Enterprise, Artificial Intelligence, Oil & Gas

Intelligent Enterprise For Oil And Gas: The Next Frontier In Operational Excellence

31-Aug-2018 | Anoop Srivastava | Digital Oil And Gas

The sector now realizes data is the "new oil," and there is plenty of it lingering in siloed islands in the oil and gas enterprise. 

Can Blockchain Change How Oil And Gas Companies Operate?

1-Aug-2018 | Ansari Nubeel | Digital Oil And Gas

Blockchain brings business value to the oil and gas industry by reducing costs and risk and increasing workflow efficiency.

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