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A Seductive Combination Of Diamonds And Sustainability

7-Jan-2020 | Carina Legl | Digital Mining

All that glitters ... may it be ethically sound, eco-friendly, and environmentally responsible?

mining, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, natural resources

How Innovation Is Changing Natural Resource Companies

26-Jun-2018 | Anton Kroger | Digital Mining

Even as automation brings greater effectiveness to the mining industry, it's key to remember that human innovation, not machines, is driving all of the changes.

supply chain, natural resources, manufacturing, recycling, conservation, price volatility, mining, digital supply networks, supply chain

How Changing Consumer Buying Patterns Are Going To Impact Natural Resource Businesses

7-Jun-2018 | Anton Kroger | Digital Mining

The digital supply chain, demand-driven manufacturing, price and quality volatility, and advanced recycling are some of the consumer-driven trends that are changing mining and other natural resource industries.

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