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Rights, Royalties, And The Data That Can Save Periodical Publishers

13-Apr-2020 | Richard Whittington | Digital Media

With rights and royalty data, publishers of print and digital periodicals must build a strong case for the value and trustworthiness of their work.

You Know You're A Disruptor When...

12-Mar-2020 | Mitch Lowe | Digital Media

Mitch Lowe, a founder of Netflix and president of Redbox, shares how to know when you have a winning idea and what it takes to distrupt an industry.

Rights And Royalty Management: The Intersection Of Data And Movie Success

9-Mar-2020 | Richard Whittington | Digital Media

The secret to movie success is good data, underpinned by state-of-the-art analytics, such as machine learning and predictive models.

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