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Two co-workers review procurement options on a digital tablet

B2B Digital Marketplaces: Paving The Way Forward In Procurement And Sourcing

19-May-2020 | Sharon Ruddock | Digital Marketplace

Traditional procurement buy cycles are being flipped, with businesses favoring digital buying options that create a quicker and more seamless path to purchase.

procurement leader reviews purchases

How The "Amazon Effect" Is Impacting B2B Sales

28-Apr-2020 | Sharon Ruddock | Digital Marketplace

B2B buyers are not much different than B2C consumers, but in most cases, they have far more complex needs that come with even higher service demands.

Ariel view of a man walking on top a chemical tanker truck

Marketplaces In The Chemical Industry, Just Hype Or The New Battlefield?

21-Apr-2020 | Pedro Ahlers | Digital Marketplace

There are pros and cons to offering products on a digital marketplace, but what's certain is that you won't be successful with the same old business approach.

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