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Man tests mobile innovation

Innovation: It's More Than Just A Nice-To-Have

27-May-2020 | Marita Mitschein | Digital Leadership

Innovation is what's helped businesses survive the pandemic, and innovation is what will help us thrive in the years ahead.

Industry 4.0 in action as an automated machine helps build product on a manufacturing floor

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020

7-May-2020 | Robert Merlo | Digital Leadership

Companies moving forward with Industry 4.0 initiatives are reaping the benefits while laggards are realizing the need to catch up quickly, finds recent survey.

engineer looking at various information in screen of futuristic interface

Innovation Litmus Test: Is It Creative And Empathetic?

13-Apr-2020 | Shane Paladin | Digital Leadership

No single rule, technology, tool, or best practice can guarantee innovation success. The most forward-thinking companies create an innovation culture instead.

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