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Man using tablet PC in his office

Top 5 Tech Trends Delivering Business Outcomes In 2020

23-Mar-2020 | Phil Carter | Digital Leadership

The "digital moneymakers" are generating net new revenue streams from digital investments. Here's how they're doing it.

A family enjoys some quality time at home watching television while sitting on a couch

You Know You're A Disruptor When...

12-Mar-2020 | Mitch Lowe | Digital Leadership

Mitch Lowe, a founder of Netflix and president of Redbox, shares how to know when you have a winning idea and what it takes to distrupt an industry.

businessman using smartphone in the urban environment

The Intelligent High-Tech Enterprise: Four Ways Forward

10-Mar-2020 | Patrick Fitzgerald | Digital Leadership

By using technology to build trust and intimacy with customers, companies can accelerate growth and earn an enduring role in society’s ongoing transformation.

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