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Employee looks at the rising sun through a window in his office

The Truth About Change Management – And Other Lessons From An Energy Giant

31-Oct-2019 | Paul Kurchina | Digital Leadership

To position themselves in the best possible competitive light, companies must increase their digital fluency – from boardroom leadership to the plant workforce.

Team discusses changes in oil and gas business processes

Change: Why It’s Harder And What You Should Do Differently

30-Oct-2019 | Paul Kurchina | Digital Leadership

Changes induced by digital innovations are now perceived as more threatening than opportunistic – but that perspective threatens growth and innovation.

a chief digital officer

Establishing A Digital Culture With A Chief Digital Officer

17-Oct-2019 | Konstantinos Michos | Digital Leadership

In today's volatile corporate environment, the role of a CDO is more important than ever, and its significance will certainly increase.

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