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Employee works at her laptop by using cloud-based technology

Digital Innovation Dynamics On Organizational Adoption: The Case Of Cloud Computing Services

14-Jan-2020 | Guillermo B. Vazquez | Digital Leadership

Small and midsize businesses have many factors to consider when planning a cloud computing deployment.

Workers meeting among boxes on conveyor belts in distribution warehouse

Building The Business Case For Blockchain

2-Jan-2020 | Satyanarayana Rao Karri | Digital Leadership

CIOs and enterprise architects are using these use cases to understand blockchain and evaluate if and how it can be implemented in their organizations.

front-line manager listens to a team member's concerns

Why The Little Things Do Count In Change Management

12-Dec-2019 | Paul Kurchina | Digital Leadership

When dealing with any change, sometimes the smallest decisions can pave the way to the most significant impacts.

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