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Aerial view of a wind farm

Three Industries Where Technology Is Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

10-Dec-2019 | Tom Raftery | Digital Industry

Some of the highest polluting industries are taking the biggest steps toward reducing their negative effects on the environment.

warehouse worker using his digital tablet to check stock

The Secret Weapon Of Choice For Future-Ready Midsize Discrete Manufacturers

9-Dec-2019 | Judy Cubiss | Digital Industry

A stream of connectivity and insight helps midsize discrete manufacturers pivot operations and resources to respond to fast-paced market fluctuations.

Engineer analyzing data on her mobile device in a lab

The 20-Year-Old Web Shop: Standard Solution, Please

4-Dec-2019 | Pedro Ahlers | Digital Industry

Chemical companies still maintaining decades-old webshops must rethink their B2b e-commerce with today's customer in mind.

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